my ame





In 1963, Nakamura Inc. began business as a confectionary wholesaler in Nishi-ku of Nagoya City ─ an area where many sweet manufacturers are based. Against the backdrop of a declining birth rate, the company was compelled by the desire to preserve the craftsmanship of confectionary making and to elevate sweets ─ particularly the hard candy ─ to greater heights. As such, in 2007, a new service was launched, wherein customers could place orders for “kumi-ame” (hard, elongated candies cut into segments to reveal a pattern on the surfaces of the individual pieces) with their own personal designs incorporated into it.
The “kumi-ame” of today combines both a sense of nostalgia and freshness that brings joy to and leaves a lasting impression upon those who hold it between their fingers. To date, the company has created approximately 7,000 different types of “kumi-ame”, incorporating company logos or mascots, and personal messages.
Myame is the child company of Nakamura Inc., which specialises in creating the personalized “kumi-ame”.
Currently, in addition to the “kumi-ame”, other candies are being produced, including a smaller sized version of the “kumi-ame”, the “puchi-ame”; the “pero pero candy”; and the “3D candy”. As such, a total of 4 kinds of unique and personalized sweets are available. These candies can be used for promotional purposes or as gift items ─ we strive to meet our customers’ needs and requests.

まいあめとは Possibility 可能性


The reason why we are committed to producing hand-made candies is that we are deeply aware of the brilliant craftsmanship that goes into such work.
In just a span of 40 minutes, the warm and fresh candy base is coloured, and the personal design elements are incorporated ─ all done through the experience and judgement of the candy maker, who does not have the luxury of abiding by a manual or a textbook. In order to protect such craftsmanship, which can trace its lineage back to the Edo Period, Myame is committed to employing these skills to further promote new and innovative candies. We have great faith in the possibilities of candies and are striving to have our products invigorate the confectionary business and to popularize sweets made in Japan on a global scale ─ from Nishi-ku of Nagoya, the center of Japanese confectionary making, to the world.

まいあめとは Communication コミュニケーション


At our company, we consider candies to be “communication tools”. From the olden times in Japan, sweets have been valued as instigators of discussion and have been personified as “miss little candies”. Myame revitalizes this communicative value of sweets and pays homage to its associated historical sentiment in a new form.

We believe that our candies, which combine traditional artisanship with the more recent innovation of incorporating logos and mascot images and personalized messages, can leave a lasting impression through feelings of nostalgia and freshness.

Myame’s mission is to convey the skills involved in making traditional “kumi-ame” to the following generations.
This sense of duty has been engraved deeply into the breasts of our employees since we have begun our service of providing personalized sweets. With the declining birth rate, sweet shops have been disappearing into the realm of nostalgic remembrance. Nevertheless, we believe that candies have the ability to bring a smile to people of every generation. As such, at Myame, we strive to protect the candy-making skills that have been passed down to us, uninterrupted, from the Edo Period, and to add further value onto sweets and to promote them to the following generations. We have faith in the possibilities underlying sweets, and Myame will continue to march forward.