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My-ame is candy...but not just candy. Of course, from a food standpoint, My- ame is a kind of candy.
It is a sweet little confection made of sugar, with some flavoring.

Candy, bonbon, caramella, конфета, candied fruit...
Everyone, no matter their age, gender, profession, position, or even national origin, loves candy.

Add to that the traditional kumi ame rolled candy technique, and you have a “candy that is more than just candy.”

MY-AME = A communication tool

It was amazing time to see Instagram's founder @kevin and @mikeyk !! Took a photo with them and Instagram candy. Thank you so much @misheri for inviting this party. 来日中のインスタグラム創業者お二人を招いた、パネルディスカッションへ招待していただきました。今回の為に職人が特別制作したインスタグラムロゴ飴と共に。この飴は招待客の皆さんにお土産として配られました。 これからも日本の伝統技術である【組み飴】の素晴らしさを、インスタグラムを通して発信し続けていきます。 #まいあめ #まいあめ工房 #組飴 #組み飴 #飴 #和菓子 #伝統技術 #伝統菓子 #伝統美 #伝統技法 #職人 #ハンドメイド #キャンディー #japan #candy #wagashi #traditional #art #japanesefood #japanesesweets #craftsman #IGersJP #candies #instagram #instagramlogo #instagood

まいあめ工房 / Japanese Art Candyさん(@myamejp)がシェアした投稿 -

Older women in Osaka affectionately call candy (ame) “ame-chan.”
Imagine sitting across from a stranger on the train. You greet them, and suddenly your stomach growls. As you wonder what to do in the silence that follows, a little “ame-chan” could become a meaningful communication between the two of you.

How would you feel if, in that awkward moment, the stranger offered you a completely unique, traditionally crafted candy?

It would touch your heart more deeply.

MY-AME = Japanese artisanal candy

The art of kumi ame has been passed down since the Edo period. Candy makers produce it by hand, with great care and astonishing speed. Even candy with the same design is rich with individual expression and brimming with life.

My-ame candies are small, but behind their incredible detail are the instinct and experience of seasoned candy artisans. There are no complicated formulas or programs—just the work of people’s hands and hearts to create each unique piece.

The My-ame workshop technique is definitely Cool Japan.
This is the quintessential example of the Japanese artisanal spirit that has charmed the world.



Diameter of circle : 20mm / Thickness : 10mm
Weight : 4.2g/1piece / Expiration date : 1year after making
*It differ in size & colors from each other.
*All candies are individually wrapped.
*We recommend storing in a cool dark & dry place.
(You can keep it at a room temperature)

  • 3,500pieces87,500JPY
  • 5,000pieces125,000JPY
  • 7,500pieces187,500JPY
  • 10,000pieces250,000JPY

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